This was the first pattern from BLAVERRY that I made. It’s a few months old, but I still love it. This is a pattern for a top, but I added 4″ to the peplum and made it a dress. I used a super bargain fabric from Hancock, I think maybe $2 a yard or so? I picked up several yards, and have made a handful of things from it, and I’m very happy with it! It wears well, and is easy to work with! When this happens, I regret not getting the whole bolt 😛

This is the Finn top, and I love all the small details that add up to make a high quality final product: the shaped sleeve, the waterfall peplum, the narrowed waist… I’m super happy with the end product! And since it’s a few months old, I can say that it’s in regular rotation in my daughter’s wardrobe. That is the highest praise of all!


Fabric sources:

Dress: Hancock value apparel knit

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