Oh my goodness, guys. Christie from BLAVERRY always pushes me outside of my norm, and I’m always scared, but it’s always amazing results! This time I wasn’t scared so much because of the difficulty of the pattern, but because they style is not something I’d normally pick for my girls. And then I went fabric shopping, and this fabric jumped out and screamed “Vivie” but it’s never something I would have picked on my own. AND THEN…the pattern calls for snaps, and I’ve never done snaps, but I decided to grab a starter kit with pliers and a bunch of snaps from amazon for about $20, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done! Matter of fact, I’ve been #snappingallthethings since I made this dress. 🙂 Also, this is not my normal style for photos, but I absolutely am excited about the results. I highly recommend this pattern company, and Vivie is a winner!


3 thoughts on “Vivie”

    1. It was a combination 🙂 I usually tell her how to move and adjust when I see something I like, but then sometimes I just tell her to pose, and something great happens!


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