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This sweet dress is the third release in the Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids. This is the simple version, and I think it’s still stunning! It’s also an incredibly quick sew. I started and finished one after the kids went to bed one night, and that’s saying a lot, because there’s usually not much time between their bedtime and mine 🙂 Also, I found this tulle on sale for $1.33/yard last week. Regularly $9.99. I’ll take it.

This is designed to mash with the Juliette pattern. You can mix and match the bodices with the skirts!

The bodice is perfection. Fit and coverage are just right. I’m so excited to share these pictures and this dress!


Fabric sources:

All fabric is from Joann. Floral is ponte, blue bodice is rayon spandex. Both skirt overlays are tulle. Ivory skirt lining is 100% poly knit, blue skirt lining is light weight cotton woven.


This was the first pattern from BLAVERRY that I made. It’s a few months old, but I still love it. This is a pattern for a top, but I added 4″ to the peplum and made it a dress. I used a super bargain fabric from Hancock, I think maybe $2 a yard or so? I picked up several yards, and have made a handful of things from it, and I’m very happy with it! It wears well, and is easy to work with! When this happens, I regret not getting the whole bolt 😛

This is the Finn top, and I love all the small details that add up to make a high quality final product: the shaped sleeve, the waterfall peplum, the narrowed waist… I’m super happy with the end product! And since it’s a few months old, I can say that it’s in regular rotation in my daughter’s wardrobe. That is the highest praise of all!


Fabric sources:

Dress: Hancock value apparel knit


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This dress is the second pattern in the Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids, and I’m in LOVE. I’ve had my eye out for a pattern like this after seeing beautiful versions floating around Pinterest, and finally I have one!!! I received a box full of cotton woven fabric scraps from a friend at church, and I dug into it right away 🙂 Both the dress and the top fabrics are courtesy of this box of fabric. I’m thankful for friends who pass on their stash 😛 The trim on the peach dress I’ve had for a while, something I picked up at a garage sale. That’s my favorite place to pick up fabric and notions, because…cheap!! I probably got 7 or 8 yards of that trim for a quarter.

I’ve been loving making and photographing these dreamy dresses because it’s a fun creative outlet for me. And my girls will have plenty to pick from for Easter service!

Grab Isla here, and the pattern for the Olivia Bloomers (paired with the top)  is available here.

Check out some of our photos…


Fabric sources:

All fabric from the dress and top were from a friend

Bloomers: ivory broadcloth from Hancock


Summer Dress

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This is something I made a little while ago, but since it’s supposed to be 80 degrees today, I thought about it again 🙂 This is the Summer Dress from Bubby and Me Creations. I loved this pattern right when I saw it, and I’m so excited that it turned out how I hoped. The headband is from Made for Mermaids. I made it out of woven, though it’s designed for knit. It turned out fine, and would have turned out better if the woven I used hadn’t been denim 😛 It was thick, but works fine anyway.


Fabric sources:

Black/white gingham: Joann

Neon yellow denim: Hancock

Bailey Baggie Shorts

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It’s just a matter of fact that the boys don’t get as much home made clothing as the girls do around here. Or maybe it just seems like it because I’ve been sewing for the girls longer. Either way, this boy is the most appreciative when I make him something, and he is the only child of mine that will reply, “thanks, my Mom made it!” Whenever someone comments on his clothes. I don’t think the girls have ever done that 🙂 And I never told him to 🙂 I made him these shorts from Funktional Threads out of cozy french terry with a little camo showing at the pockets. He loves them, I love them. I’ll be making plenty more for Summer, I’m sure. There are 3 length options with this pattern (this is the middle length) and colorblocking options. I’m happy to recommend this pattern! Use code LEBAILEY30 for 30% off all purchases from her shop through 4/1!


Fabric sources:

Grey french terry: Hancock flat fold apparel table

Camo cotton jersey print: Girl Charlee



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I’m dead. This dress is AMAZING, and it’s not hard to make at all! Seriously, I was kind of stressed about the ruffles when I saw the picture, but it was so easy and straightforward to make. I thought I was going to have to trace out the placement of the ruffles on my fabric which would have made it tons harder, but the tutorial shows how to determine placement with a little ruler, and it was SO SIMPLE! Either way, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was incredibly hard, because the results are gorgeous! This is the first pattern in the Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids. I’m so excited about them. Check out the pattern here.



Oh my goodness, guys. Christie from BLAVERRY always pushes me outside of my norm, and I’m always scared, but it’s always amazing results! This time I wasn’t scared so much because of the difficulty of the pattern, but because they style is not something I’d normally pick for my girls. And then I went fabric shopping, and this fabric jumped out and screamed “Vivie” but it’s never something I would have picked on my own. AND THEN…the pattern calls for snaps, and I’ve never done snaps, but I decided to grab a starter kit with pliers and a bunch of snaps from amazon for about $20, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done! Matter of fact, I’ve been #snappingallthethings since I made this dress. 🙂 Also, this is not my normal style for photos, but I absolutely am excited about the results. I highly recommend this pattern company, and Vivie is a winner!


Tutu Twirl Tunic

This was my first pattern from Winter Wear Designs, and it was a good one! I love this pattern because it is a common RTW look, and now I can make it on my own 🙂 Plus, my little ballerina was in twirl heaven. Check out the pattern here.

Fabric came from a trash bag full of random pieces from a friend 🙂 Thanks Bethany! It’s a cotton jersey, not sure of the content of the ruffle fabric.


Katy Panda Dress

I’m *fairly* new to the pdf pattern world. Before I knew they existed, I drafted all my own things I wanted to sew. Poorly. But it was a good way for me to learn a lot 🙂 Since I discovered pdf patterns, I haven’t looked back. But since I haven’t been around for that long, I’m still discovering some of the amazing things that are out there. I had known about Cole’s Creations for a little while, but a few months ago while browsing her etsy shop, I discovered this pattern, and knew I had to have it! I’m always sold if there’s an animal included. I cut this out right at the first of the year, and sewed it up a little while after that, but it’s certainly worthy of my first real post here 😀 I cut the sleeves from a workout top that didn’t fit right. No hemming! #score



First Post

First post: I will not wax on about it. I started a blog because I want to share my sewing creations. 🙂 I might share other things too, because I like lots of things! I also don’t usually feel the need to be wordy because it seems that most everything I need to say I can sum up fairly quickly. But sometimes I might ramble. We’ll see. And I don’t care. I mostly like the pretty pictures on other people’s blogs, so that’s probably mostly what mine will be too. Thanks for reading!

Some of my favorite 2015 sews