The Budding Artist

Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

I have always been fascinated by how children see the world. I wonder how they will do things before they’ve been told how “to” do something. I wonder how far their creativity will take them before the world shows them which box to fit in. When I had to pick an art inspiration for Project Run & Play’s latest collection, Project Art Studio, I couldn’t choose anything other than my kids, and their affinity to create art.

We have a family culture of painting, and any other creative pursuit we might be intrigued by, but ever since my oldest was probably 2 or 3, we’ve pulled out the paints often for them to make messes create something from the overflow of their soul. πŸ™‚ Picasso is a favorite of mine, and it seems his outlook on creativity was the same.

I sewed several patterns from the new collection, which has 13 whole patterns! But I’ll tell you about the nods to Picasso before I share pattern details.

You will often see him pictured with a cardigan, layered sweater, or jacket, so my first look includes the Blank Canvas Cardigan over the Easel tee. His famous contribution, Cubism, is represented in the contrasted black and white fragments in the checkerboard Multi-Hue Henley. And the butterfly dress (the same henley pattern) is a nod to his line drawings.

Between those inspirations, and my kids, I made things that suited each one’s own preferences and style. Always letting them express themselves.

The Blank Canvas Cardigan has the best oversized pockets, and was an easy sew, with no hemming! I used a brushed ribbed sweater knit for maximum coziness, one of her highest priorities. And the Easel Tee has a curved hem in the back for a nice design detail. It’s a great basic in a fall color that she can layer easily!

The Multi-Hue Henley has so many options, and the nicest placket I’ve ever made! The shirt and dress are made from bamboo spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabric. I skipped the placket on the dress, and made the quickest twirly dress in butterflies in a color that she looks so good in! The shirt has a nicely curved hem, I skipped the side vents. The pants are the 4 Seasons Joggers, and I love the pocket! It’s a quick sew, and I used clay French terry from Raspberry Creek Fabric. The fit on everything turned out great based on measurements!

All the other art inspiration blogs are fun to read, so go check them out, and get a few new patterns to create something inspired from your soul!

Jet Set to Kaifeng!

I’m on the Project Run & Play blog tour for their newest pattern collection again, and this time the theme is travel. I was excited to sew up a few of them, and pick a location for inspiration!

Let me back up a bit though. We used the Pantone NYFW Spring/Summer colors for our color palate, and to be honest, this is where I started! Let me show you what I got:

This swim print is a gorgeous one from The Fabric Fairy! It matched Perfectly Pale and Basil exactly, and the print felt very “resort” to me, so I thought it was perfect for the travel theme!

I also got this solid red swim fabric from The Fabric Fairy. I asked Megan to let me know which was the closest to Poinciana, and I so appreciate that she’s always willing to lend her expertise, and match colors for me!

The crochet knit is a beautiful tie dye from Pretty Posh Prints, and it’s exactly what you want to wear all summer long! Pretty, lightweight, and comfy!

After patterns and fabrics were selected, then I decided on a location πŸ™‚ Kaifeng, China is Wichita’s sister city, and we have a beautiful friendship garden designed as a tribute to Kaifeng in our local botanical gardens. What an amazing culmination of colors, patterns, and location inspiration!

The patterns I sewed are the Rimini Romper. It comes with SO MANY OPTIONS, but my daughter liked this style best. A pants length version with pockets. I sewed it out of swim fabric, and I think I’ve discovered my new favorite. It is a sturdy, comfortable piece, and holds shape where it needs to. I have forever been stuck trying to imagine sewing “regular clothes” out of swim fabric, and I think I crossed that hurdle!

The Saltillo Swimsuit is classic in red. I love the flounce that goes all the way around, and there are multiple strap options! Since I was sewing swim from a new-to-me designer (I’m new to their swim patterns, not others πŸ™‚ ) I chose the halter strap option for easier fitting tweaks! But there are a LOT of options, including glamorous bows that my practical daughter did not want, but I love how they look!

Cancun is a super simple cover-up. I made it in-between his and knee length, and left the edges unhemmed. It’s easy to throw on, and doubles as a comfy top to wear with jean shorts!

I hope you enjoyed our trip to Kaifeng! Go check out everyone else’s blogs, and take a tour of the world. There’s many other patterns, cut files, and digital designs to shop for, and make your own! Project Run & Play is always one of my favorites to work with.

RCF Swim Party!

Spring has sprung, and that means time to start sewing swim, so I can fit in everything I’m going to want to make before the season is over. Believe me, I will still be sewing, probably the last week they can use it, but then hopefully those will hold over till next year too. πŸ™‚ Sewing swim is one of my favorite things to make!

Wanna know why? I’m sure I can think of a few reasons…

First, it doesn’t take much fabric. I made these three suits with 1 yard of print, and 1/2 yard of the navy solid. I don’t know how much is left, but a substantial scrap I can maybe use in some color blocking later! WOW!

Second, it’s satisfying. There’s not much worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit, and making a pattern that fits, and you are comfortable in, or your kids are comfortable in, is such a good feeling.

Third, I don’t pre-wash or iron swim very often. πŸ™‚ I’m a pressing addict, and press literally everything I sew, while I’m sewing it, and multiple presses and steams after, but swim…meh. The negative ease means the seams look good once it’s on! And because swim is a synthetic substrate, and I know RCF has clean printing processes, I don’t feel the need to pre-wash swim. I haven’t regretted it yet, and I’m years into sewing multiple suits a year! Sew, you can skip a step or two, if that’s your style.

Fourth, swim prints are so fun! There’s so many fresh, vibrant colors available, and it’s often a wardrobe piece people feel like they can break outside of the mold with. Why not?

Fifth, matching family suits!!! I think it’s sew much fun to match or coordinate, and I know there’s places you could buy them, but when you have all sizes from baby to toddler to kid, tween, teen, and adult, it might not be the easiest to find them, and I already mentioned the fit issue above!

So whether you’ve never, or your addicted, or you’re somewhere in between, I think you should sew some swim with me this summer!

I’m sharing my suits made with new prints from Raspberry Creek Fabrics on their Suit Up for Summer blog tour, which is SO full of tips, tricks, and inspiration! I’m reading through all the posts, and enjoying every one.

RCF just launched their 2022 swim collection, which has SEVENTY FOUR new prints, all available on either swim (82/18 matte poly/spandex) or woven board short fabric. Did I mention matching family swim suits?

My middle daughter definitively chose this print as her favorite out of all 74, and I was surprised, but always happy to be challenged with something I wouldn’t have chosen myself, and I have to say, it turned out really great for all three girls! My oldest chose navy as the coordinate, and the baby doesn’t care πŸ™‚

The Styla Makena pattern was her choice of patterns, after looking through MANY options, and since she’s not really quite in women’s sizing, I had to make some adjustments, and it would have been better if I’d have made a muslin, but that’s not usually how I roll. I raised the neckline by 1.” The tutorial includes directions for that, and shortened for her girth in the spot marked on the pattern pieces, but it would have turned out better if I would have removed some length in the neck/arm section, some in the trunk, and maybe a bit at the hip, instead of all in one spot. Because of how I made the adjustments, the bust detail hits a little low. But I don’t think it’s the end of the world!

My oldest got a pair of navy Hello Sailor swim bottoms, which is both of our favorite for her! She’s worn these several summers, and I love how quick the most basic option comes together, and fits perfectly! I made an adjustment for her height, but otherwise, it’s exactly as designed!

I was starting to ration fabric so I could get suits for all three girls out of one yard, and the Hepburn top popped into my mind as a good option that didn’t take a lot of fabric, while still giving her comfortable coverage. It isn’t designed for swim, but it does include this tank version, and I just made a couple of additions so it would work for swim! I cut a lining for the front bodice only, added cups into the lining, underbust elastic, and a line of elastic around the bottom hem as well. My tip for adding cups, is to put your suit on inside out, after you’ve sewn the lining and the main, hold the cups up where they fit best on you, trace around them with a washable marker, or Frixion pen, and then you know exactly where to stitch them on!

For the baby, I used Monaco from Little Lizard King. There’s a lot of really cute options, but the simplest one piece was so cute and stylish, and I love it for her! Ignore the diaper sticking out, someone wasn’t in the mood for posing, and we were fighting just to keep her in front of the camera, no tweaks or wardrobe adjustments allowed. Ha!

Here’s the first three suits of summer, and I’m so honored to be sharing them on this blog tour! Please go read through some other posts, all of them if you have time. There’s some golden ideas out there. Plus, follow along in the RCF FB group, and on their instagram for giveaways!

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Pretty in (Very) Peri

Oops. I’m sharing 2 Evergreen skirts in a row on the blog! My last post was also for Project Run & Play. I love sewing for them ❀

The Pantone Color of the year always makes me happy. And this year is special, because periwinkle is one of my very favorite colors ever! Seafoam Green, and Periwinkle were the best crayon colors. I used them every time I could!

The Evergreen Skirt from PR&P has all the options you could ever even imagine from a skirt pattern, mini, a-line, midi, maxi, short tiers, long tiers, ruffles…mix and match to make a custom skirt in the custom length in the exact look you want. It’s amazing.

I made a midi skirt by cutting the mini length for the top portion, then using the short length for the second tier, and the short length for the third tier. It turned out just perfect! sponsored my look, and this print is so gorgeous!

For the top, I used the Sorbetto swim pattern. I made it in periwinkle cotton Lycra, also from, and skipped the elastic in the neck and arms. I added a tie across the back to help it stay tight on the shoulders.

It’s such a pretty look with the gathered cap sleeves. I think it’s unique, and perfect for spring!

I can’t wait to scroll through the Look Book! Project Run & Play always gives us a treasure trove of inspiration!

Happy Holidays! PR&P style

How close is it to Christmas, and then the new year?! My kids are excited. We are winding down the preparations, for a cozy winter break. And planning what to wear to all the festivities, celebrations, services, etc…

Project Run & Play put out a designer collaboration collection, and I picked two special patterns to make this outfit!

Blip is a long sleeve, slim fit shirt, with a few mock neck/turtleneck options, and I could not love it more. This was the first time I haven’t had to add length to the sleeves for my long-armed daughter. A note, in case you need that info πŸ™‚ And that felt fun! Like there was a pattern designed for her!

And I thought a long sleeve shirt needs a mini skirt to go with it, because that’s my favorite look! The Evergreen skirt is the last tiered skirt pattern you need. Well, maybe even the last skirt pattern you need. With a wide size range, and ALL the options, you can make whatever look you want!

This is the shortest skirt, with a ruffle added. And the whole thing in stretch velvet, plus some glam earrings, makes this fancy look deceivingly comfortable! Plus, since it’s separates, the mix and match possibilities are another perk!

Go scroll through the lookbook for everyone else’s makes from this collection. You will love what you see!

My First Christmas Jammies!

We don’t really wear pajamas. Hahaha! My kid usually choose to put on their nicest clothes after showers and baths, and then they wear the stained, comfortable stuff out of the house. I don’t get it?

So, I’ve never wanted to sew pajamas. A thing we never wear, and no one ever sees-until I take photos for the blog! Lol!

But I’m part of the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Holiday Blog Tour, and they talked me into it! They’re sharing the inspiration for ALL kinds of holiday makes. You have to go check it out. And pop over to their Instagram account for daily giveaways!

Now, let me share what I made. I used Sew A Little Seam’s Movie Night pattern (free!) for the plaid set. The fit is perfect, and I might be converted to making a set or two of these every now and then, because it’s so quick, and because kids in pajamas is the cutest!

For my daughter, I sewed up Lowland Kids Raglan Romper. I’ve made this before for day wear, but I think the white background, and white cuffs helps it read like pajamas.

I think these two prints are just perfect for each other! I haven’t taken pictures of a baby and a toddler together, and IT WAS A PROJECT! No one listens, they both move constantly! It was a lesson in doing new things, sometimes, to remind yourself to not get stagnant in your skills. But overall, this project was a win, and I’m not mad about having the most adorable Christmas jammies for them to wear all December long!

Go shop RCF for all your holiday sewing needs!

Jalie Victor+Ben

We had the best summer of our lives this year. Coming off of a year where so many things were closed, and we also were moving , plus getting ready to have a baby last year…we didn’t do much relaxing and enjoying. We tried to make up for it this year, but not with anything grand, just the basics. And a big part of that was a lot of water play. Days at the pool, mornings at the splash pad, afternoons with sprinklers and popsicles. It doesn’t hurt that sewing swim is my favorite!

I got to sew up some patterns from this year’s collection from Jalie, which JUST DROPPED THIS WEEK! Today I’m sharing Victor (board shorts), and Ben (tank). I couldn’t get my mind off this look, and so I created matching sets for my three boys!

I just love a solid, and I’m using a bunch here! These are three different solid board short fabrics from The Fabric Fairy, along with two solid colors of rib from her shop.

Light Blue board short

Spearamint board short

Classic red board short

Dark navy rib

Creamy white rib

Natural cotton drawstring

Check out these fun brother pics, and go peruse the newest patterns from Jalie. Two of my favorite things about Jalie, are an automatic discount when you buy 3 or more patterns. I can ALWAYS find at least three more that I need, and the thumbnail that shows on the first page of your pattern, where the sizes disappear as you turn off the layers, so it’s easy to see just what pages you need! They also expanded to add more sizing, so the fantastic value just got better!

Thank you for reading!

Zero Waste – Thread Faction

Zero Waste garments. This is the coolest. If you read about Liz’s inspiration behind this project, it’s to create garments out of rectangles, but without the excess fabric bulk that’s often left when creating garments out of simple shapes. And I think the results of her work is genius! I was so excited to get a chance to sew one up and share it with you!

This jumpsuit is 2 rectangles, but it’s such a smart, comfortable fit! I did mash 2 sizes, a 5 width, and a 7 length, which was simple to do. As a bonus, and in the zero waste theme, I used an old tablecloth I had bought on the clearance rack for my son’s birthday many years ago. It felt right to repurpose something for a second life with this pattern.

I love the vibes of this look, and want to sew the joggers from the collection next! You can use woven, or a stable knit. The options are so endless for this.

I have a copy of this pattern collection to give away! Come follow me on Instagram at @itsliesel and then leave me a comment here that you did! ❀

Here’s the rest of the blog tour that I will be eagerly eyeing all week!

04/06 – Thread Faction Studio Blog, Wattle & Slate on Instagram,

Smooth Sorbet by PR&P

Do I say this every time? I think I do, but sewing for the Project Run & Play collections Look Book is one of my favorite things!

The colors of Smooth Sorbet are so fun and summery, so we had a lot of fun creating this outfit!

The collection includes a great variety of patterns, and you could sew a summer capsule, and sew for girls or boys with it!

We made the Bacca Bootcuts, the Fragola top, and Fetta purse. This was my first ever zip fly! I decided it was the time. Haha! I’ve made jeans before, but always opted for the “pull-on” waistband option. I got to tackle something new, and I’m glad I pushed myself. I think I need to do another one very soon so I don’t go years, and then totally feel like a first-timer again the next time.

White jean shorts are summer dressing at it’s best. I think they look good with just about anything, and she didn’t have any yet this summer, so I was glad to get a chance to make a pair! The Bacca Bootcuts calls for stretch denim, but Jo-Ann didn’t have any white stretch denim, which I had my heart set on, so this pair doesn’t have the same flexibility they might have, but they fit and wear just fine!

We paired it with the Fragola top, which also has dress length options. This is just a cute classic silhouette, and I made it in rayon for a super comfortable, beautiful top! This was a value cut of fabric from Wal-Mart that I loved, and was perfect for this!

Lastly, we completed the outfit with the cutest fruit slice bag! My daughter was specific that she wanted it to look like an orange slice, but I didn’t have any fabric that spoke to me, so I went with a grapefruit look, and that worked out just fine with the location we found, which added the orange color!! This pattern is called the Fetta Purse.

I hope you’ll make an outfit from the newest collection, you can’t go wrong! And check out the Look Book for loads of GORGEOUS inspiration!!

A Pantone Party

I have followed the Pantone colors of the year for as long as I can remember/as long as I’ve known about them. Color is my favorite. I really don’t have a favorite ONE color. If you ask me, I’ll immediately think red or blue, because those both cover a million shades that people might think of, and that feels closest to accurate, if I have to pick one color. “The rainbow” is a better answer, and one I sometimes give. But we’re here today to talk about Ultimate Grey, and Illuminating (yellow), the Pantone colors of the year 2021.

Yellow is bright, bold, confident, sunny, and a color that I’ve gotten the most compliments when wearing. Which makes it a favorite too πŸ™‚

Project Run & Play is hosting a fun Pantone Party, where all the things are made with the Pantone colors of the year, and it’s a treat!

I was sponsored by Fabricworm, and they sent me this beautiful Birch organic cotton woven fabric in marigold! So gorgeous. It’s crisp and soft, and I love that it’s organic.

The Odeline is from the PRP shop, and while it’s been in my downloads for a while, I’m glad it waited for me to sew it up for this. The classic silhouette makes the color yellow the clear star, while being designed well enough to shine for itself too. This is the most basic of options, and striking on it’s own, though you have plenty of other looks to choose from with this pattern!

Pop over to Project Run & Play to see who else has been sewing, lots of inspiration, fabric shops you’re going to want to check out, a sew-along, and giveaway!!