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DSC_5676 wm

I love sewing swimsuits, and this new suit is part of a summer pattern collection from Marisa at Laela Jayne Patterns! She has gone all out with matching women’s and girls versions of this pattern, and several other patterns too! I love putting my girls in one pieces for modesty, and comfort. And I love even more that I can sew for my girls to make them fit their bodies! My oldest put on a RTW suit yesterday to play in the sprinkler, and it was much too short for her. But a suit that’s 2 sizes larger to fit her girth would be too loose, and not decent either.

This is the Vi-Vi suit, the women’s is the Violet suit. It has a faux crossover design. The neck and arms are bound, and the legs are finished with 3/8″ swim elastic. I went pretty basic on the style, because I wanted to go crazy with the color blocking! But there is optional high or low back (this is the low back), optional ruffles to go around the neck, and optional circle side cut outs, which I think are SO fun!

So, I love solids, but have only learned recently to buy them. Haha! I have so many beautiful printed fabrics, and never want to wear them. But my swim stash has only developed recently, and so it’s mostly solids! Well, I actually do want fun prints for suits, so I need to re-work my shopping criteria. But I do love neon, and had a few solids that I thought would be fun together. Since the binding would cross over all the colors, I just decided to do white, to make it all pop. YAASSS 80’s neon fashion inspiration!

DSC_5664 wm

The morning I was planning on taking pictures with a fun colorful wall in the background, and styled with high side ponytails, I woke up in the middle of the night to get my son, who was crying, and broke my little toe on his brother’s bed 😦 So, since i was hobbling around, we didn’t do anything fancy for the photos, and I just took them on my front porch again. But I love them. I especially love when I take photos of the girls together, since they have so much more fun, than when they’re in front of the camera alone.

DSC_5635 wm

If you’re new to sewing swimwear, this is an easy one to start with! I find swim fabric more stable, and easier to deal with than a lot of knits. And if you get a slippery one, it can be more tricky, but just pin carefully, and you’ll be fine! The pattern comes in sizes 12m-10.

DSC_5649 wmDSC_5652 wmDSC_5627 wmDSC_5667 wmDSC_5671 wmDSC_5656 wmDSC_5645 wm



Fabric sources:

Nylon spandex swim knit

Neon yellow: Joann

Peach and purple: Needle Nook Fabrics

White swim lining I used for binding: Joann

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

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DSC_5910 wm

Our spring has been mild, and gorgeous for a long time, and I have loved it so much! I might find ways to complain about it, which is crazy! Like that I have to have the summer and winter clothes out, because it can be chilly some mornings and evenings, and hot some days, so the kids drawers are overflowing. But I really have been thankful to have lots of nice weather to spend time outside as a family this year. It’s recently started getting HOT though. We’ve been consistently in the 90’s and I think it might be time to put away the cool weather things! In the middle of June. Ha!

I was realizing that my kids are a little low on summer wear, once I emptied their drawers. I’ve been a garage sale/thrift store fanatic all my life, and have always bought kids clothes ahead when I find a good deal on something that’s in good shape, but the last few years it hasn’t been so easy to do garage sales with 4 children to get in and out of the car at each stop, plus, I’m just busier! So, for the first time, I don’t have lots of clothes to pull out for summer weather.

I decided to whip up a couple of M4M Dylan tees, which I made into tanks using the hack from their blog, for my boys. These are great basics that will get lots of use this summer. I love patriotic colors too, so this subtle red white and blue color blocking will be fun for the holidays this summer, but will also work for any time 🙂

My boys would not stop moving the morning I took these pictures. I love that they have matching tops, and they still love matching each other!

DSC_5874 wmDSC_5876 wmDSC_5885 wmDSC_5891 wmDSC_5897 wmDSC_5899 wmDSC_5917 wmDSC_5912 wm

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Sansahash Patterns has released their third pattern, and it is the Imari woven shorts! These are a great faux fly, elastic back shorts pattern for woven, or stretch woven. There are separate pattern pieces included to make a bubble version as well! I LOVE the bubble style, but my girls aren’t as crazy about it, so I made these perfect flat shorts, which I love too, for them 🙂 They have two small pleats on either side of the front, which is a fun detail, and adds a little ease for wearing.

They are pretty quick to sew. The faux fly is SO simple. No need to be worried about that part, and I love having  fun with the prints on these shorts, perfect to go with all the basic tops I have for my girls (they’re so cheap to pick up at War-Mart or Target, and I can’t resist all the fun colors, plus I don’t love graphics on my kids shirts).

DSC_5396 wm

They are a great deal, and come in a size range from 6mo-12, so they will last you a long time!

I made 2 versions in testing, the black pair is the first version, and the yellow ones are the final version of the pattern. I used some 100% cotton from Joann for the black ones, and a sheet set I picked up at Goodwill for the yellow pair.

Get them quick, before the sale is over!

DSC_5377 wmDSC_5391 wmDSC_5368 wmDSC_5404 wmDSC_5357 wmDSC_5353 wmDSC_5396 wmDSC_5390 wmDSC_5373 wm



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This is the new Family bundle of patterns from Made for Mermaids. It includes their first men’s pattern! The Dylan Tee and Men’s Dylan Tee is a tee, with color blocking on the sides. It includes short or long sleeves. The Vivienne and Mama Vivienne include top, tunic, mini, and dress lengths, and is a sleeveless bodice, with color blocking on the sides, and a gathered front and back skirt.

They are all quick sews. The Vivienne patterns are finished around the neck and arms with binding, and the neckline of the tee is finished with bands. There are optional side pockets on the Vivienne patterns that I did not add to any of mine, and I don’t know why, but I have the pattern cut out for one of my daughters, and I plan on adding that cute pocket to hers!

These photos are all the versions I made during testing. and I have another Mama Vivienne almost finished, and my daughter’s cut out that I will share soon!

And the big news is, that the patterns are available in a bundle of all 4 patterns, and it’s only $18!!!!! That is the biggest bundle discount they have ever done, 50% off, and the bundle option will only be available during the release sale, which means you need to get it before June 2nd! I think this is such a fun set, and my husband and brothers love when I sew for them, so I will be making lots of Dylan Tees for them!

Family Bundle (best deal!!)


Mama Vivienne


Men’s Dylan

Fabric sources:

All the fabric was from my stash, so I might not be able to list all of it! I remember the prints, but I think the grey solids were from the flat fold table at Hancock (still sad they closed 😦 ) And I am not sure on the content. They are very drapey, probably a rayon blend.

White floral: rayon spandex from Girl Charlee

Grey/white/blue long sleeve Dylan tee: completely up cycled from my husband’s old clothes.

Grey/navy stripes: cotton spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Vintage airplane side panel fabric: rib knit from a destash page

blue/grey 100% cotton jersey on the men’s Dylan tee: Needle Nook Fabrics


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DSC_5280 wm

I am on the promotions team for Petite Stitchery, and I chose the Rosemary Cowl Crop top to sew and share! I loooove a good slouchy top. It’s my favorite thing to wear, and so I love putting my kids in comfy clothes, because I know how good it feels 🙂 But the key to it looking put together, and not sloppy comes in making sure it fits well! The Rosemary is designed to have a relaxed fit, and so it works well for this comfy look! The shoulders fit well, and are not drooping, and as always, when sewing, it’s easy to customize the length to fit whomever you are sewing for. Those small details are what gives an outfit the magic that you sometimes can’t put your finger on.

DSC_5272 wm

I did make a few modifications. I can’t leave a pattern alone. Since so much of what I sew is for pattern tests, and I can’t modify a pattern during testing, I always break out of the box when I’m sewing for anything other than a test 🙂 I liked the high-low hem on the cropped version, but I wanted her to be able to wear it alone, without having to layer, since we are heading towards summer here. So I used the front hem line of the non-cropped version, and measured how much difference there was in the length between the front and back hem on the high-low version, and added that much length to the back.

DSC_5289 wm

I also made it just one layer. This was an easy modification. I just attached the cowl to the neckline of the shirt, and measured to add a cuff to the sleeves, and to the hem of the shirt. This was a decently heavy french terry, and I knew it would be too bulky with 2 layers, too.

DSC_5301 wm

The options included in this pattern are cropped, or full length. 3/4 or long sleeves, and three cowl options. Since it is lined, it can be reversible too, which I love! I think it’s a perfect top to wear all alone, but it also works great as a layering piece.

The fabric is from LDG Textiles, one of my favorite places to shop for french terry. They have a wide selection of it, and I’ve found good heavy weight french terry there, which I’ve had struggles finding other places.

DSC_5293 wm

Petite Stitchery releases their patterns in collections, and this was a part of their Fall ’16 collection, so it coordinates with those patterns well! You can check out the rest of the patterns in that collection, and from the other collections they’ve released on their website.

DSC_5285 wmDSC_5296 wmDSC_5290 wmDSC_5309 wm

Rosemary Cowl Crop

Rhapsody Blouse

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DSC_5158 wm

This is the new woven blouse from Love Notions. I am absolutely excited to be in a new stage of life where I can wear a woven blouse. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for about the last 10 years, and neither of those things lends well to woven anything. Lol!

I made the version with bishop sleeves, out of a flowy polyester from Jo-Ann, and I feel so comfortable in it! It is maybe the most flattering woven top I’ve worn. As usual, when sewing, I can make adjustments for the best fit for me, and I’m thankful for Tami’s patterns, for always teaching me something new, and encouraging me to do the tweaks to make it perfect for me. For this, I simply graded to the sizes I fit in her measurement chart, and added 1″ in length between the waist and hips, as I am 2″ taller than the pattern is designed for. I know my bust and waist usually hit on the pattern where designed, but my extra height is below my waist. The bust, waist, and hip points are marked on this pattern, so it will be easy to see if you need to adjust, and where!

The Rhapsody Blouse is a gently shaped blouse with eight sleeve options, and optional ties that hang from the split v-neck. It is perfect for all season sewing. And perfect for flowy wovens to help you have the most flattering fit.


I love the gathering at the front of the shoulder, it’s just an easy fit blouse with lots of good details that show you how much attention to detail the designer shows. You will not regret owning this pattern! It’s not that difficult of a sew, the most challenging part may be the fabric you choose, depending on how easily it frays, or how slinky it is. The inside is finished with enclosed, or french seams.

There are two different front pieces, one for a bust difference between 1″-3″ larger than your over bust, and one for a bust difference of 4″-6″ larger than your over bust. And a few testers were excited about this pattern being made into dress length, and so Tami will be adding a free dress add-on to the blog this week. So exciting!!

There is so much good in this pattern, and as usual, you can get it on sale for the first few days after release, so don’t miss out on the best deal! The sale will run through next Monday.

DSC_5153 wmDSC_5155 wmDSC_5148 wm

Rhapsody Blouse

Fabric sources:

100% polyester: Jo-Ann


Suit Up for Summer!

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DSC_4922 wm

I LOVE SEWING SWIMWEAR!!! I love how little fabric it takes. I got both of my girls suits out of 1 yard, with a huge “scrap” left over. I love how easy the fabric is to work with. It’s generally fairly stable, and a lot of it doesn’t curl at all! I love that you don’t have to iron after every step 🙂 I love that it’s generally quick, maybe because the garments are small? Anyway, it’s one of my favorite things to make, and I am happy to be joining this “Suit Up for Summer” blog tour. I am so excited to check out everyone’s makes!


I made one suit for each of my kids. I will share details, and then photo spam you.

My oldest is in the Jordyn from Mountain Ash Designs. This was my first pattern from her shop, and I am really happy with it. The directions were simple, and I had to read them a few times to figure out exactly what to do, but it came together perfectly. There is an option to use fold over elastic instead of cutting your own binding for all the criss-crosses in the back and that made it so easy and quick! Hobby Lobby has a great selection of FOE, and it’s $2.99 for a roll, so 1.50 if you go when the ribbon is half off.

DSC_4955 wm

My next is in the free bikini pattern from My Childhood Treasures. This is also a new to me company, and I loved having this freebie to try it out. I have heard rave reviews about them, so I wasn’t too worried, and of course it fits great! They have plenty of measurements to help you pick your size, including the rise measurement. She’s also wearing the Sommer top from Made for Mermaids, using the swim hack posted on their blog. I cut the bodice at the natural waist, and cut the ruffle at 5″, then I did attach it with a 1/4″ seam allowance, for reference.

DSC_4974 wm

Jalie graciously provided their board short pattern for this tour, and I sewed up two of them for my boys! I am a huge fan of Jalie. Their patterns come in a huge size range (like from child 2 – adult plus size). They have a perpetual promo of 20% off when you buy 3 or more pdf patterns, and the prices are in CAD, so it’s cheaper if you’re in the US 🙂 Plus, they are professionally done. They always fit well, and the directions take you through step by step. I do have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with their directions. They come listed on a page, all text, and the illustrations are on a separate page, numbered. So it’s very minimal pages, which means I don’t feel bad printing it out to keep at the sewing machine, but the first time I sew something, it does take a bit of extra time to scan back and forth between the text, and illustration pages. My second pair of board shorts went much faster, maybe half the time, because I was familiar with the steps.

DSC_5061 wm

I struggled finding the perfect fabric for the board shorts too. My favorite local shop only had a very few colors of the nylon fabric that I was looking for, and nothing neutral. I was hoping for charcoal or black for the main part of the shorts. But I did pick up the yellow I used on the side for the color blocking. I also grabbed the white mesh there because I thought that would be a fun change of texture. I didn’t really want to shop online for the black or grey because I only needed a bit, and didn’t want to wait, or pay for shipping. Joann’s didn’t have anything good either, and the sales associate was unaware of anything they had that would work for board shorts. So I shopped all over, and finally picked this fabric up in the lining section. I hope it works ok! Anyway, if anyone has any good sources, fabric types, etc… for board shorts, let me know!

Here’s my photo spam. I hope you will try sewing swimwear if you haven’t, or if you’ve been a little scared to try, and don’t forget to browse all the other blogs sharing makes on this tour!

DSC_4933 wmDSC_5050 wmDSC_4967 wmDSC_4982 wmDSC_5076 wmDSC_4950 wmDSC_5008 wmDSC_5056 wmDSC_5085 wm

Thank you to Karly and Tami for hosting, and getting us all ready for summer, and thank you to the companies that sponsored this tour.



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Patterns I used:



Free bikini bottoms

Jalie Board Shorts