Jalie Bobbie


This is my second of the 14 new patterns from Jalie that I sewed! This one is called Bobbie, and is a dolman sleeve top, with a tank facing. The V-neck is so easy to sew, because it’s finished with a facing, and the design is SO genius! The tank facing is a cropped under layer that fits close to your body, so it’s modest, and comfortable! It’s also a super quick sew. This one is designed for knit fabrics.


I was going to sew this for myself, but way back when the design first came out, and I signed up, my pregnant belly was a lot smaller. When I finally got the pattern, I decided I could show it off better on my daughter, so you truly see the intended fit 🙂 But that’s the nice thing about Jalie. Most include all sizes, from little girl to women’s plus sizes!!!


My daughter has owned these for a few weeks now, and they have been in heavy rotation. I love that you can have fun with the facing fabric, for a little extra pop of color, or you can go basic, to keep it understated.


The striped fabric was a jersey from Girl Charlee that I’d had on my shelf for quite a while. And we decided on a bright pink double brushed poly for the facing on this.


The fun pink graffiti print is an ITY from Simply By Ti fabrics! She has three color ways of this print, and I let my daughter hop online and choose her favorite for this. I love including their opinion in things I sew, and I know this top will get worn! The facing on this one is  black cotton lycra I had stashed from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


Go check out all 14 new patterns from Jalie, and don’t forget you can use a promo code when you buy 3! That’s what I always do 🙂



Sew Your Stash! Project Run & Play – Week 2



Hi! I am beyond excited that I made it to the next round of Project Run & Play season 16! Your votes carried me through, and I really wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you. I was blown away by all the creations last week, and I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s look this week too. Don’t forget, you can sew along, and link up for a chance to win a prize every week too. This should be an easy theme for everyone to jump in on!


The theme this week was “Sew Your Stash.” The intention was that everything you used in your project was something you already owned. Fabric, patterns, notions, thread, etc… I have no shortage of stash, and for this one time, I was super thankful. Haha! I decided to use both knit and woven this week, since I have both. I have three tubs of woven fabric. One is sheets, some vintage prints, and some solid colors that are great for muslins, or even for final garments, one tub is “scraps” something I couldn’t make a full dress from, and one is cuts that are a yard or larger. Most of the things in these tubs came from hand me downs. A friend who owns a sewing machine shop passed a couple of boxes to me from a customer’s mom. Another friend let me come “shop” her grandma’s estate sale. other friends have gifted me their stash, and I have been blessed by all this! I don’t buy much woven because of it. Last year, a local shop, Faithful Remnants, opened up a brick and mortar location, instead of only selling online. When I discovered her, my woven purchases increased a little, because she buys estates and re-sells fabric for super cheap! And you can find all the fun, quirky, unique prints you might not find at Joann. The floral fabric I used for the maxi dress was one piece I purchased from her.


For the red dress, I used a cut of stretch lace I bought from Joann a year or two ago. I had a specific pattern in mind, for my daughter, she had requested the color and style, but I hadn’t gotten around to sewing it yet. I also bought some poly knit with it, but I couldn’t find that piece, so I used some red double brushed poly I also had in my stash for the lining. I don’t own any red serger thread, I only have a stock of neutral serger thread, so I sewed this entire dress on my sewing machine. Some of it would have needed the sewing machine anyway, but typically, I would have constructed anything I could on the serger for a knit garment. 🙂

Once I had decided what fabrics to use, and what general styles to do, I muslined both pieces. I knew if something didn’t turn out, I would have to rethink my entire plan, since I didn’t have any more of these fabrics. For the maxi, I changed my design, and made two muslins before the final piece.

I wanted to create two completely different pieces, but have them tied together in some way, so both have a “V” element in the back. I got my inspiration for the red dress first, from a picture I’ve had pinned on Pinterest for years. I finally got to make it for this! I drew the “V” shape for the lace panel, and sewed it in, enclosed between the lace and lining layers. I had to do a little research from other patterns I own to determine the best way to construct the whole bodice, but I am happy with how it turned out! All the lining seams are enclosed, except for the armscye. I started with the Uptown Downtown dress pattern from Sew Straight patterns for this.


The maxi was the one that went through the most changes in my mind, and in muslin form before I ended up with this. I knew I wanted a V shape in the back here too, but didn’t decide to use the straps to tie in that shape until the last iteration. The bodice shape came from Made for Mermaids Quinn pattern. I lowered the back by a few inches, re-drew the sides, and drew and added the front tie overlay portion of the bodice. Instead of tying at the shoulders, I used spaghetti straps from the front bodice, to lace through a small buttonhole in the center back bodice, creating the “V” shape. Those straps gave my loop turner a workout! I used a small scrap of eyelet for the bodice, and lined it with a piece from a white sheet. For the skirt, I used the remaining length of my fabric, so I could create as deep of a hem as possible, and gathered the whole width. It’s hard to see, but I added some beads from an old favorite bracelet of mine at the bottom of the straps as well. The hair bow is from Maggie Rocket’s sock bow pattern, and I used the same eyelet from the bodice for it.


I pictured a flower crown to go with these outfits, and the day of our photoshoot, I decided to try to make one! I used fake flowers for my wedding bouquet, and it has been taken apart and used for different things over the years. A few years ago a local theater company borrowed it for use in their production of Cinderella, which is where all the ribbons on it came from.
I had a spool of wire I bought a while ago to make myself some hoop earrings, and I used teal washi tape to tape it together, since I didn’t have any floral tape. It was a really fun project, and I love how it turned out! My girls will have fun wearing this for other special occasions, I know!


For our photos, I was planning on going to our local botanical gardens, but when we got there, the streets all around it were jammed with cars for blocks, so I knew we wouldn’t be able to get in easily, or get good photos. But we were dressed, and hair done, so we just took photos on the sidewalks outside the gardens, and they are still beautiful! I hope you love these looks, and I would appreciate your vote! Go the the post here to check out all the looks, and vote for your favorite! Thank you for reading!!



Jalie Diane


Jalie was one of the first companies I bought a pattern from a few years ago when I was just discovering pdf patterns! So they have a special place in my heart. It doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly well done, professional, and the size range in most of their patterns ranges from little kid to plus size adult! You get a massive bang for your buck! I had the opportunity to sew a couple of their new patterns.

Jalie has one big release a year, and they are releasing 14 new patterns right now! They are known for their dance and active wear, but have plenty of offerings for everyday wear for the whole family.

The first one I’m going to share is a swim suit pattern, Diane. This is a one piece tank suit that comes in sizes 2 (girls) – 22 (womens)! There is an optional mesh waist tie, but I didn’t add it, since I’m sure my girly will be too rough and tumble for it to stay tied 🙂


This is a blend of sizes, to fit her measurements. The pattern includes all the measurements you need to get an amazing fit! The directions are clear and simple, but they’re compact enough to print out, only 2 pages! And you can have them right beside you while you sew.

I used this AMAZING swim fabric from Pretty Posh Prints (affiliate link). The colors are so vibrant, and the fabric is thick and sturdy. I am so in love with it! The fabric name was Sydney, and that’s my daughter’s name, so it was meant to be for this suit 🙂 The black and white polka dot fabric in the back is from Needle Nook fabrics.


I don’t think you can go wrong with Jalie. I’d encourage you to check them out if you’re new to them. All the new releases only add to their wide range of patterns already available. I prefer to buy in sets of three, since you can get a discount on your cart!  Check out the promotions link at the bottom of the home page. And prices are in CAD, so you can change that for the most accurate listings.


Thank you for reading, my next post for Jalie will be later this month!

Circus! Project Run & Play – Week 1


I can’t believe Week 1 is here! Project Run & Play is all about sewing children’s clothes, and that is my favorite! We’re on Season 16, and I have followed so many past seasons, it feels a little surreal to be here, in it! This is a sewing competition hosted on the Project Run & Play blog, and readers will get to vote each week for their favorite look. There is a different theme for each week, and there is also a sew-along for anyone to join in! You can link up your children’s clothing creation in the theme of the week for a chance at some prizes!


My first idea was nothing like this. Haha! I immediately envisioned a dress for my daughter, and jeans, and a tank for my son, but after HOURS of searching the internet, and local shops for the fabric I pictured, and some time spent researching fabric painting and dying, AND, one mediocre purchase that was maybe a second best alternative, but didn’t live up to any expectations when it arrived, I completely changed my whole look. 🙂

I was looking for inspiration for my circus themed clothing at a little shop in my town, Faithful Remnants, and I found this cloud print. I knew right away I wanted to make the iconic picture of a big top tent against a blue sky into a dress. This muted print, and the muted red and white stripes became the perfect dress for my circus look! I used a bodice pattern from Simple Life Patterns, Felicity, and nipped it in at the waist some, so it wasn’t boxy. The ruffle around the collar is a little nod to a clown collar, and the shiny gold buttons are a tiny bit glam and over-the top.


The skirt I created to represent the voluminous tent. I added the extra ruffle at the top of the skirt, on the back, for a bustled look. The hair bow is yellow, for the sun, and made from fabric I let fray on the edges, lace, and fabric flowers. I didn’t know how my daughter would react to such a huge bow, but she was obsessed with it!


I decided to sew an outfit for my older daughter that would play on the costumes worn by the performers in a circus! Acrobats on horseback, magicians assistants, tightrope walkers! One of the few things that left an impression on me the time I went to the circus as a child, were the beautiful costumes the women wore.


This dress is a knit bodice, and woven skirt. Because the skirt wouldn’t have much stretch, I made the bodice slightly wider at the waist. The bodice is from Made for Mermaids Annabelle pattern. I used the black and ivory lace from Simply by Ti fabrics for the top layer. The skirt is a circle skirt, of three layers, plus the asymmetrical overlay. There are 2 layers of heavy tulle to make it stand out, and the lace overlay I cut while she was wearing the dress, so the points would land in the right place.


I knew it needed to be a little more extra, so I added 2 rows of black lace on the top layer of tulle, and flowers on the bodice. The gloves were hers, and she loved wearing them with this dress!


I hope you’ll head over to the week 1 post, see all the other looks, and vote for your favorite! The rest of the women I am competing with are amazing, and I know they have been sewing and planning hard for this!










The Great Upcycling Challenge


Hi! I am so excited about today’s post! All week, Candice Ayala has been kicking off the First Annual Upcycling Challenge! Her post is full of tips for upcycling, and there have been amazing inspiration posts all week. I get to finish up the kick off week, and open the challenge to the rest of you!

Candice started a site called Sewing Portfolios a couple of years ago, and it has been amazing to watch it grow. Anyone who sews can make a free profile, and the goal is to get sewists connected with businesses and brands! I’m extra excited, because I was chosen as one of the first four SP diamond ambassadors, for a collaboration with Michael Miller Fabrics!

This Upcycling Challenge is sponsored by Michael Miller, and I got to choose one of their new lines to sew with. I chose this beautiful, sweet Simple Bow print from the upcoming Applause Collection, by Sandra Clemons.

Applause Logo_preview


The idea behind upcycling, is to give new life, and added value to something old, through adding new materials to it, and/or by adding time and labor to it. I did both for my creation.

I’m a serial thrifter, and I often find things that I want to buy, just for the good fabric in them. This skirt was one of those items. It’s been in my pile for a while, and I pulled it out for this challenge. It’s a great quality French terry, in a gorgeous grey-blue color.

before after collage

Candice has several tips in her kick off post, I’d encourage you to go read. She suggests looking at the garment as fabric, and then it’s easier to envision a skirt being turned into a shirt, instead of bottoms, for example. Also, to use the existing details on the item you’re going to upcycle in your new item. I loved the seam down the front and back center of the skirt, and decided to cut my shirt with the same feature.  When it was time to cut the sleeves, I decided to keep the seam down them too. To make sure I was lining it up correctly, I folded my sleeve pattern piece in half. Fold from the center notch that will go at the shoulder seam, and make sure the bottom hem is level with each other. Then you can open up your sleeve piece to cut, and put the notch at the top, and the fold at the bottom on your seam to get a straight detail.


I normally don’t sew straight from a pattern, without modifications, if I’m not under the constraints of testing, and I most certainly don’t make a top and bottom set from the same pattern, but this one is just too perfect to mess with! This is the Gigi Set from Mingo and Grace. It is a full woven skirt, and a woven crop top pattern. The skirt sits at the natural waist, so the crop top shows no skin, or maybe a sliver. The back has different options, including 2 that are full coverage, but I like it open like this, for summer.


I made this top from knit, and used the same skirt fabric for the facing, to help with stability. You can’t beat the comfort of knit.

I realized while I was sewing, that the last time I made this skirt was also the last time I got to sew with Michael Miller fabrics. Oops! It is just such a perfect pattern, easy to sew, and just the right length. I’ll branch out next time 🙂


Now it’s your turn to sew! Shop your closet, shop your husband’s closet, or you kid’s, or you aunt’s! It’s garage sale season in my part of the world, and there’s always thrift stores open! I’m so excited to see all the new creations!

If it’s not exciting enough just to breathe new life into something old, there are some BEYOND AMAZING prizes available. The challenge will be open from May 11-May31 2018, and guest celebrity judges will be choosing the winner at the beginning of June! Ahhhh! Baby Lock! I have an old Singer sewing machine, that was my mother-in-law’s, and I don’t want to upgrade, because I know I can’t get as good of a machine in my budget, but a Baby Lock would be the dream machine to sew on. Plus, look at all the fabric you could win!!


**The challenge is now open! Check the email you received when you subscribed for all the details on how to enter, or sign up here to join the challenge, and to get all the terms, rules, and guidelines!**

The rest of the posts have gone up earlier this week. Each one is an amazing project, I hope you’ll click through to all of them to see!

Monday: Candice Ayala 
Tuesday: Steph Carton of Eli Monster
Wednesday: Gemia Carroll of Phat Quarters
Thursday: Cassandra Gobin of Pearberry Lane
Friday: Liesel Engelbrecht of It’s Liesel

Happy sewing!

Chicka Chicka Bum Bums+Skiff Tee

(Pattern links contained in this post are affiliate links)


I have no new releases, or promotions for you today. I know. That’s all I ever post, but these are things I sewed because I wanted to! That doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like. My cousin and his wife just had their first baby, and, since he was the original bomb.com 20 years ago (Hahaha!) I had to make their new baby some cool clothes.

Bummies are currently all the rage in the sewing world. They’re cute knit diaper covers, essentially. I love them too, and can’t wait to put my baby in them all summer/every summer! These are the Chicka Chicka Bum Bums from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. They come in sizes preemie-12. I’ve already made some for my big girls, who will wear them as jammies, or under dresses. This pattern includes the bummies, and a longer shortie length, as well as an optional attached skirt, and 3 waistband options. I made the bummies, with the basic knit band. These are the 3 month size.


Then I went looking for a good tee to pair with the bottoms, and I knew Jennuine Design starts her patterns small, and has quality drafting! I am always more wary on the smaller sizes on patterns, and want to sew from a pattern that I know is high quality, so the sizing won’t be off. She released the Skiff tee earlier this year, and while the main design is a color blocked option, she includes the basic version too, which was just what I wanted! These are size 3-6 month.


The fabrics were all in my stash. Score! The top fabrics are all cotton Lycra, and all from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The striped bummies are also cotton Lycra from the same shop. I cut into my first purchase of distressed knit for the distressed bummies, and that fabric is from Mily Mae Fabrics. The other bummies are cotton Lycra, and cotton Lycra French terry from Simply By Ti Fabrics.


These sew up SO fast. Amy, from Peek-A-Boo had a contest in her group to see who could sew the bummies the fastest, and I think most were able to hit the 3 minute mark! I batch cut, and batch sewed, and they really do take no time at all. No hemming, and they’re tiny. The tees are also quick and simple to put together. They take a bit more time because of hemming, but that goes quickly on the small sizes too.


I made the vinyl with a design I bought from the Silhouette store. I think the whole set perfect to mix and match together, and I hope they fit when they weather is right!


Thanks for letting me share this with you, and for reading!

Chicka Chicka Bum Bums

Skiff Tee

Fabric sources:

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Mily Mae

Simply By Ti

Boho Babydoll

(Links contained in this post may be affiliate links)


I haven’t announced anywhere BIG or MAIN or EVERYWHERE. But I’ve told all my friends I see IRL, and in groups I frequent. This is another not-major announcement, but it has to do a little with this post, so I’m sharing that I’m pregnant! It has to do with this post, because when I saw this top come up for testing, I was excited to see it might work for a growing belly! I was not sewing much when I was pregnant last time, 4 years ago!! Actually, I was sewing, but mostly baby leggings, and blankets, and fun little kid stuff. I had never made anything for myself from a pattern. I winged it. And not much worked out. Lol!

This is the Boho Babydoll from Patterns for Pirates. It includes high-low top, curved hem top, dress, and maxi lengths, and racerback sleeveless, short, 3/4, 3/4 with ruffles, and long sleeves. There are 2 necklines, crew, and scoop.

It is available in women’s and girls sizes!! I made both. Mine is a curved hem top out of rayon spandex from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The fabric type is really prone to growing, and it did. The drape and flow is so excellent, though! This is top length, but it turned into more of a tunic. I would not add length for my height, next time, if I’m using rayon spandex. However, I don’t mind it at all, it will keep my belly covered longer 🙂 My neckline is the crew style.


The girls version I made from a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. I LOVE, super love this so much! This dress has been worn tons already, and even been worn to bed. So comfy, she says. I like this style too, of a t-shirt dress, with a little extra interest from the high-low bodice, and curved hem. The girls version has all the same options as the women’s, except, there’s only one neckline height. I can see this working so well for all seasons, a long sleeve top for the winter, or a tank dress or maxi for the summer!


The patterns are on sale through Tuesday, April 10th, and you can bundle them for more savings!

Plus, there are hacks on the blog, check those out too, to get more inspiration for what you can make with this pattern!

Fabric sources:

Rayon spandex floral: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Window pane jersey: Girl Charlee

Boho Babydoll

Boho Babydoll – youth

Boho Babydoll – bundle